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Corey Jaskolski is the founder and CEO of Synthetaic. He is a National Geographic Fellow, explorer, engineer, and MIT graduate who has devoted his career to designing, building, and deploying technologies that accelerate exploration, conservation, and security efforts across the globe. Jaskolski’s work has taken him to all seven continents on projects that include scuba diving among the icebergs in Antarctica, descending 12,500 feet below the ocean’s surface in a three-person submarine to explore the Titanic, leading a helicopter-based effort to produce a high-resolution aerial LIDAR map of the Nepalese side of Everest, venturing deep inside flooded caves while digitizing Maya human sacrifice victims and Ice Age bear skeletons, and deploying a custom camera array to capture a 3D digital copy of one of the world’s last Sumatran rhinos. Corey was honored as the 2020 Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year Award for his innovations in the fields of conservation, science, and technology.
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World Satellite Business Week

September 12-16, 2022
The Westin Paris – Vendôme