Yann Picard

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Product Line Director, Satellite Communication & Situational Awareness



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Yann Picard is director of Safran Satellite Communication & Situational Awareness product line, which supplies radiofrequency-based solutions and services for Satellite and Space Monitoring. He has led from the ground up the creation and the deployment of WeTrack, the largest global Satellite RF sensor network, that has been delivering 24/7 persistent tracking orbital data-as-a-service to its customers from 2015. He previously held several research positions in Image and Signal Processing at Philips Electronics and NXP Semiconductors before joining Safran Data Systems in 2011 to support the growth of its Spectrum Monitoring solutions. He acted as project manager, head of innovation and signal processing, then took over the lead of the product line. For several years, he's been actively involved in promoting the use of Radio Frequency as an essential phenomenolgy for Space Situational Awareness and takes part in international groups and initiatives for Space Domain Awareness and Space Trafic Coordination. Yann lives in Normandy with his family and enjoys music, cello playing and trail running. He graduated from l’Ecole Polytechnique and holds a MSc in Computer Science from Telecom ParisTech.
25th Anniversary

World Satellite Business Week

September 12-16, 2022
The Westin Paris – Vendôme

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