Guido Baraglia

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Head of Space & Satellite EMEA


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Guido’s experience in Aerospace spans over 35 years, from ground station operation to satellite payload management and customer support, from business development and sales to the more recent engagement leading the newly formed Amazon Web Services Aerospace & Satellite business unit in EMEA.
The profound knowledge of the aerospace business, while understanding customers’ needs, allows Guido to be very effective in developing new and untapped vertical markets, and proposing the most appropriate solution even to complex or innovative requirements. An early supporter of the ground virtualization evolution, he envisions a future with a cloud based seamless infrastructure, where space is one of the key elements of the global communication and content distribution network.
Guido’s primary task is to support innovation in the regional space market segment by focusing on joining space and satellite requirements with advanced cloud capabilities, enabling an epochal transformation of the space ecosystem. This touches every aspect of the space business: from ground systems, to communications links, to data analytics and intelligence, to the spacecraft and rockets, human mission, in-orbit manufacturing and much more.
25th Anniversary

World Satellite Business Week

September 12-16, 2022
The Westin Paris – Vendôme