About the Summit

Since 1997, the World Space Business Week has been the meeting place for senior executives from all levels of the satellite value chain to meet partners, financers, and clients, making this the annual reference business meeting place for global satellite and space professionals.

The Premier Meeting Hub for Space and Satellite Business Professionals

For 27 years, the World Space Business Week (WSBW) has been a distinguished C-level executive summit, providing a quality platform for influential and forward-thinking leaders from international private and public organizations. This annual event serves as a hub for addressing critical industry issues, sharing insights and best practices, stimulating innovation, conducting business, and shaping the future of the sector. 

Widely acknowledged as the must-attend event by key industry players, the WSBW gathers future investors, innovators, clients, and partners under the same roof. It facilitates exchanges and deal-making for decision-makers from all over the world and the entire ecosystem, solidifying its position as an indispensable event in the industry for 27 years and counting. 

Where Decision Makers Do Business

The very essence of the summit is to provide an exclusive setting conducive to making business, finding inspiration and gaining insights to stay at the cutting edge of competitiveness and develop successful business strategies.


Summit for Satellite Financing

The three-day flagship event welcomes senior executive speakers from leading organizations, as well as industry newcomers, who share experiences, best-practices, industry insights & challenges across topics such as cloud & connectivity, constellations, and finance.

A top-level program featuring topics addressed by 120+ speakers such as investment outlooks, debt financing, financial analysts, leading global and regional operators, leading connectivity service providers, satellite connectivity, the role of satellite and ground integration for IoT and cloudification, smallsats, NGSO broadband constellations, manufacturers, and launchers to mention some.

Summit on Earth Observation Business

The Earth Observation market is rapidly growing. With the promises of new-generation sensors and constellations taking shape, geospatial solutions are evolving, transforming the way in which we collect, analyze and present data. BigData and AI, cloud computing-based services and enhanced analytics capabilities are driving and fuelling satellite-driven solutions demand and use globally in numerous vertical markets such as climate, maritime, agriculture and more.

Since 2009 the Summit on Earth Observation Business has been serving as a forum where senior-ranking executives, investors and government officials from the satellite imagery and geospatial solutions sector from 40+ countries come together to conduct business, inspire and gain insights to further business strategies. Through fireside chats and panel discussions covering the entire Earth Observation and geospatial value-added chains 70+ speakers address the latest market challenges and opportunities, market evolutions, and leverage best practices to inspire the future.

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The Space Defense & Security Summit

Exceptional Business Perspectives & Synergies with the WSBW 

The Space Defense & Security Summit (SDSS) aligns seamlessly with the World Space Business Week (WSBW), creating a dynamic synergy that amplifies opportunities for all participants. 

For defense actors engaged in SDSS, this convergence with WSBW in Paris signifies a strategic opportunity, as it increases the potential for delegates to engage with the vibrant ecosystem already flourishing at WSBW. 

The strategic proximity of both events fosters ideal opportunities for interactions with potential investors, innovators, clients, and partners, facilitating seamless exchanges and catalyzing deal-making prospects. 

About the Organizer

Executive Summits are just one aspect of Novaspace’s offerings, which emerged from the merger of Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners. Our services span four key areas: Management Consulting, Technology Consulting, Market Intelligence, and Executive Summits. In addition to our renowned Executive Summits, we provide top-tier strategic consulting and comprehensive market intelligence products tailored to the space industry.

The uniqueness of our business model is based on synergies created by the complementarity of our four activities. Each activity increases our market knowledge and expertise and extends our network of key decision makers.

We have over fourty years of experience accompanying private companies and government entities in strategic decision making. A reference for high quality market knowledge worldwide, we use our deep industry knowledge and analytical rigor to help our clients understand their business environment and provide them with the tools they need to make informed decisions and develop their business.

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