WSBW Awards

Each year, as part of its executive World Space Business Week, Novaspace, merger of Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners, honors the most forward-thinking businesses and innovators shaping the future of the global space sector through its Annual Awards for Excellence in Satellite Business.

Recognizing Excellence and Innovation

By recognizing those organizations, products and people who bring excellence at the forefront of the connectivity and satellite communications, as well as Earth observation sectors, Novaspace seeks to celebrate the year’s extraordinary accomplishments and highlight those contributing positively to the space and satellite sectors. 

A panel of industry experts are tasked with shortlisting and assessing stakeholders and projects based on several qualitative – and quantitative criteria, i.e. innovation, strategic decisions, market impact, financial and commercial indicators. The awards are presented to space companies that have distinguished themselves during the year and look to celebrate outstanding achievements of their business, management and contribution to the sector.

With the occasion of the 2024 edition of the World Space Business Week, Novaspace honored ten companies for their decisive contributions towards the space and satellite industries over the previous 12 months


2023 Winners

Excellence in Space-Based Connectivity

Strategic Partnership Award

We are honored to receive the Strategic Partnership of the Year award, recognizing that, together, Eutelsat and OneWeb represent a unique proposition in our industry. By combining the strengths of LEO constellations and GEO assets we are able to deliver unmatched solutions to our customers, thereby seizing the significant growth opportunity in connectivity while creating value for our shareholders through material synergies. Our customers are increasingly seeking GEO/LEO offerings, validating our vision every day, and driving us to support their needs across an ever-wider range of applications. We are grateful for the unwavering support and vision of the strategic shareholders of both Eutelsat and OneWeb: the LEO/GEO combination is truly a game changer for our industry, and a significant milestone in the journey towards a more connected world.

Jean Hubert, Chief Strategy and Resources Officer, Eutelsat

“I am delighted to accept this award which recognises the industry impact of our collaboration with Eutelsat. Our customers are looking to satellite connectivity as a solution for an expanding range of use cases and demand for a hybrid offering is continuing to grow. Our partnership is already delivering benefits today for our customers bringing the best of our GEO and LEO networks to meet their needs. We are hugely excited about our partnership as well as hopeful for our shared future and how we can continue to innovate, and importantly be a key driver of our customers success

Stephen Beynon, Chief Commercial Officer, OneWeb

Universal Broadband Award

“We are honoured to receive Euroconsult’s 2023 Universal Broadband Award, acknowledging our efforts to transform global connectivity, especially in underserved and unserved regions. As Asia-Pacific’s leading Ka-band satellite operator, with broadband coverage across 25 nations, we prioritise adaptation and innovation. Through our pioneering franchise retail model, we have facilitated affordable and accessible internet services, thereby disrupting the value chain. Our per GB cost is less than 2% of Gross National Income per capita, well below the affordability targets of ITU and UNESCO. Embracing ‘The Heart of Broadband’ tagline, we’re committed to empowering, connecting, and uplifting those in need.”

Christian Patouraux, CEO, Kacific Broadband Satellites

Global Satellite Business Award

I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the entire SpaceX team. Less than three years ago, we set out to bridge the digital divide with fast, reliable, and affordable internet around the world. To do so, we are working with individuals, school districts, tribal governments, disaster relief agencies, businesses large and small, and telecommunications companies across the globe to help complement their existing connectivity options. Improving digital connectivity, especially in the hardest to reach areas of the world, is what drives our team every day and we look forward to continuing to grow our impact globally to keep shrinking the divide in the years to come.

Chad Gibbs, VP, Starlink Business Operations

Regional Satcom Operator Award

“MEASAT is deeply honoured to be recognised by World Satellite Business Week with the Regional Satcom Operator of the Year Award 2023 – the third time we have been bestowed by WSBW. This is an acknowledgement of the team’s hard work that has benefited clients, communities, and the countries in which we operate. We will continue leveraging the latest technologies to innovate solutions for enterprise clients, bridge the digital divide in unconnected communities and enable the rural digital economy – beginning at home in Malaysia and expanding to serve regional needs.”

Yau Chyong Lim, MEASAT’s Chief Operating Officer

2022 Winners

Excellence in Satellite communications ​

Global Satcom Business Award

“I’m honored to accept this award on behalf of the entire SpaceX team. It’s been an amazing year for Starlink as we have grown our consumer and enterprise customer base, rolled out new features and services, and are providing high-speed internet around the world. We’re looking forward to continuing this growth in the years to come, as we know that access to high-speed, low-latency broadband internet will be a game changer for students, disaster relief efforts, travelers, vacationers, businesses, and many, many more.”

Jonathan Hofeller, SpaceX’s Vice President of Starlink Sales

Strategic Transaction Award

“We are delighted that Inmarsat and Viasat have been recognised for their far-sighted combination, which will create a global innovator in satellite communications and connectivity. We have long argued that consolidation is needed to maintain strong competition in our sector in the face of well-funded new entrants. Inmarsat and Viasat are highly complementary and, together, will be well positioned to accelerate innovation and meet the growing needs of our customers.”
Barry French, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Inmarsat

“We are grateful the transaction with Inmarsat is being recognized. We believe this combination will advance our shared beliefs to connect the world. This award honors our synergistic approach in advancing broadband communications and creating new hybrid space and terrestrial networks that drive greater performance, coverage, speed and reliability for our customers to work, learn, access healthcare and all the other benefits the connected world brings. Viasat continues evolving as a global innovator in broadband and narrowband communication and our investment with Inmarsat continues to lead the way”

Mark Dankberg, CEO and Executive Chairman, Viasat

Regional Space Business Award

“We are incredibly honoured to receive this award recognizing the regional satellite business in a year in which we strengthened our strategic position in Latin America with the acquisition of Axess Networks. This operation allowed us to become the leading group in corporate solutions throughout the region. Moreover, we consolidated our role as the operator of reference for audiovisual services from our teleport in Peru. These actions, together with our commitment to bridging the digital divide in Spain and the upcoming launch of the Amazonas Nexus, make it possible to conceive an exciting future for our company based on the robustness of the present.”

Miguel Angel Panduro, Hispasat CEO

Universal Connectivity Award

“We recognize the value of partnership in our mission to deliver the benefits of broadband to populations in Mexico and communities around the globe. We’re honored to accept this award alongside Stargroup, Apconet/Aitelecom, Eutelsat, Axess Networks and Globalsat and look forward to continued industry collaboration and innovation to advance the cause of a more connected world.”
Ramesh Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President & General Manager, International Division, Hughes

“We are honored and grateful for this Excellence Award, that reinforce our commitment to provide the best satellite solutions for the people in Mexico.
We are thankful of our valued customers, particularly CFE TEIT, for giving us the opportunity to serve one of the main objectives of the country, to provide free internet to the people of Mexico in 2700 rural locations for “Internet Para Todos” Mexican government project. We also thank our partners Hugues and Eutelsat, for their continuous support in our integration of solutions, hoping a promising future in years to come.”

Ing. Orlando Castillo Trelles, Director General APCO Networks

“Connectivity has become a basic human need, and we are honored to be a key part in the solution to assist the Mexican government in its mission to get all Mexicans online. This also aligns with our CSR mission to bridge the digital divide. Once again, satellite is proving a robust, readily available and cost-effective solution for governments everywhere looking to fulfil their global service objectives. Today we’re honored to accept this award alongside Stargroup, Apconet/Aitelecom, Hughes, Axess Networks and Globalsat. Our collaboration is key to extend connectivity.”

Juan Pablo Cofino, Chief Executive Officer Eutelsat Americas

“We are very pleased with our contribution to make Internet para Todos a succesful initiative that provides internet access to most of the Mexican population. Participating in projects that close connectivity gaps and promote inclusion using satellite solutions is a key element of Axess Networks’ mission”.

Mauricio Segovia, CEO Axess Networks

2023 Winners

Excellence in Space-Based Information

The Pioneer Space Business Award

“I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the global ispace team. This past year saw significant advances in our business. We launched our first lander reaching lunar orbit and nearly landing the first privately funded, commercial mission on the lunar surface. We became a publicly traded company, growing from a small start up to an organization with offices on three continents. While this was occurring, we began planning and operations on subsequent missions, continually learning and iterating to achieve our vision, “Expand the Planet. Expand the Future.”

Julien-Alexandre Lamamy, CEO, ispace Europe S.A.

The Newcomer EO Operator / Information Business Award

“Receiving the Euroconsult Award for ‘New Comer Earth Observation’ is a remarkable recognition of Unseenlabs’ dedication to revolutionizing maritime surveillance. Our journey began with a simple yet vital observation: the oceans, teeming with life and opportunities, needed vigilant guardianship. With our pioneering space-based radio frequency technology, we’ve redefined what’s possible in maritime domain awareness. This award underscores our commitment to safeguarding our oceans, enabling us to offer accurate and timely insights that transcend the boundaries of time, weather, and concealment.”

Clément Galic, Unseenlabs’ CEO and Co-founder

The Leading EO Business Award

“We are truly honored to receive the Leading Earth Observation Business Award at the prestigious World Satellite Business Week. This recognition is a testament to Bayanat’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in earth observation. With an array of advanced satellite systems and data analytics tools at our disposal, we have been able to foster a deeper comprehension of the earth’s intricate dynamics. Our progress and work in the space domain would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of our trusted partner Yahsat. As we move ahead, we believe that our cutting-edge technologies and pursuit of excellence will continue to enable us to make a significant impact in understanding our planet from above. This award further fuels our passion to continue revolutionizing the way we harness the earth’s data for a more sustainable and resilient future for all.”

Hasan Al Hosani, CEO, Bayanat

The Sustainable Development & Business Award

“We’re honored to receive Euroconsult’s Sustainable Development & Business Award. LeoLabs was founded on the understanding that space is not an isolated domain — it’s a critical driver of the world’s economy and an important foundation for scientific discovery. Therefore, it’s in all of our interest for every mission in space to operate safely. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of traffic and debris in low Earth orbit has put that in jeopardy. To mitigate this, more accurate, reliable, and immediate information is needed. That’s why we’re building the world’s most comprehensive, commercially owned object catalog, supplying the data and insights needed for effective mission planning and decision-making. This award affirms that we’re on the right path and motivates us to continue our work building a more sustainable space.”

Dan Ceperley, LeoLabs CEO and Co-founder

2022 Winners

Excellence in Earth Observation

Satellite Information Business Award

“We are honoured to receive this award which reflects Airbus’ commitment to pioneering the best Earth Observation solutions.
Being at the forefront of such industry is truly inspiring and an enormous range of possibilities is now ahead of us thanks to Pléiades Neo!”

François Lombard, Head of Intelligence Business, Airbus Defence and Space.

The Pioneer Space Business Award

“The entire BlackSky team is honored to receive the 2022 Pioneer in Space Business Award from Euroconsult, it’s been an incredible year of growth and innovation for our business and the customers and partners we serve We have built BlackSky with the aspiration of being the world’s leader in real-time global intelligence. In the last year, we’ve doubled the capacity of our constellation including three back-to-back launches in less than 30 days that enabled hourly monitoring of most locations around the globe. We also won the largest contract in the company’s history, worth over $1 billion dollars over the next 10 years. BlackSky has never been more focused than now on continuing to be pioneers and providing our customers and partners on-demand, real-time dynamic monitoring of the most important and strategic economic assets in the world.”

Brian E. O’Toole, BlackSky CEO

New Space Business Award

“It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be honored with this award. Over the past year we’ve cemented our position a leading launch provider, with our Electron rocket one of the most frequently-flown rockets in the world, and our new medium-lift Neutron rocket set to disrupt the industry again as a fully reusable carbon composite launch vehicle. Beyond launch we’ve gone from strength to strength in our space systems business, with a major highlight of the year coming from the successful launch and delivery of CAPSTONE to the Moon for NASA on Electron and our lunar upper stage, Photon. Future missions with Rocket Lab to Earth orbit and interplanetary destinations to Mars and Venus are part of an exciting future for our business as we continue to open up access to space to improve life on Earth through our work.”

Richard French – Director, Business Development and Strategy, Space Systems

The Sustainable Development & Business Award

“We are proud to receive Euroconsult’s Sustainable Development & Business Award and grateful for the recognition of the collective effort behind the Space Sustainability Rating. As concerns about the long-term use of the space environment and the challenges due to space debris are intensifying, sustainable and responsible behaviour must become a norm in outer space, and we hope space actors across the globe will join us in developing best space sustainability practices.”

Mrs. Emmanuelle David, Executive Director eSpace – EPFL Space Center