Organized by Euroconsult, Finspace is a startup pitch competition dedicated to space tech organizations. The purpose of this initiative is to promote promising companies in the industry through pitches presented during the Summit for Satellite Financing and the Summit on Earth Observation Business. Finspace is more than an award, it's a unique opportunity to get exposure in the industry, discuss, network and seek out future partnerships.

Get your Startup off the Ground

Taking place under the umbrella of the World Satellite Business Week, Finspace is more than just an award.

It is making outstanding innovation visible to a wide global audience and provides shortlisted companies with a forum to test their concept and go-to-market strategies, exchange best practices and make invaluable connections with investors, decision-makers and peers representing the industry’s key players from 50+ countries.

Apply for Finspace


Each year over 130 companies from across the world are reviewed and analyzed by Euroconsult’s team of sector experts together with partner organizations and invited to apply to the competition. Shortlisted companies are evaluated and selected based on the assessment of qualitative criteria, including innovation, existing and future customer base, amount of capital raised, level of maturity and market approach.  

Upon the judges’ evaluation and selection, 8 startups will be invited to pitch their products and/or business ideas during the 2022 edition of the World Satellite Business Week, taking place on September 12-16 in Paris and online worldwide.  


Shortlisted startups will be invited to pitch on the event stage as part of the WSBW’s official program between 12-16 September 2022. Taking the stage between plenary sessions, panels and fire side chat interviews, entrepreneurs will be provided with a unique exposure to the #WSBW delegates.

Following their pitch, during the Summit for Satellite Financing or the Summit on Earth Observation Business, upon jury evaluation two winners will be unveiled as part of a live #WSBW Award ceremony.   


Interested applicants should submit their entries for the 6th edition of Finspace between April 18 – June 30, 2022 by using the below form. 


The companies must be independently owned. They may not be subsidiaries of larger companies, or function as non-profit divisions of government organizations.   


Finspace awards companies under the umbrella of “Satellite Imagery and Analytics”, as well as the “Satcom & Connectivity” categories, allowing industry leaders to discover the up-and-coming innovators in core areas of the satellite value chain, from satellite signals acquisition to downstream applications and distribution.

Finspace accepts applications from a broad area of market sub-segments, such as:

  • Satellite operators
  • Value-added services
  • Subsystems and components
  • Ground segment
  • Satellite manufacturer
  • Access to space


The above categories are not exhaustive and are meant to only guide your application process. Every emerging commercial player of the satellite industry is welcome to apply for Finspace!  

Meet the Finspace Finalists


LMO’s combines sensors and artificial intelligence to enables satellites to autonomously understand their surrounding and act upon them. By identifying, characterizing, and understanding the movement of other objects, LMO enables autonomous Space Surveillance, In-Orbit Services and Threat Detection.


Miratlas characterizes atmospheric conditions impacting Laser Comms. We provide local, real-time data as a service on cloud cover, turbulence and absorption. Enabling the optimisation of the infrastructure capable of supporting optical Ground Segment as a Service for direct to earth free space optical comms.


Plasmos is a space startup company California base, USA. Building a combined chemical electric engine using plasma magnetic forces for space transportation. Plasmos is developing and building a reusable Space Tug that will reduce the cost for deployment of the small & medium satellite in their Leo and Equatorial Orbit.


SuperSharp is an Earth-imaging company developing unfolding space telescopes to capture high-resolution thermal infrared images of the Earth. Our technology allows us to fit large telescopes in small satellites, making low-cost, high-resolution, and frequent Earth-imaging possible.

The Exploration

The Exploration Company develops, manufactures, and operates spaceships that serve the logistic needs of the space stations around the Earth and the lunar ecosystem. The vehicle is reusable and can be refuelled in orbit, enabling a variety of missions at a price starting at 25% of the competition’s one.


Space debris force satellite operators to perform unplanned, evasive manoeuvres. Better information and smart predictive algorithms are required. At Vyoma, we bring confidence in space by revolutionising space object monitoring and automating satellite operations. We ensure your satellites fly safely!

Meet the Finspace Competition Judges

Ane Aanesland 2020

Ane Aanesland

CEO & Founder 

Mark Boggett

Mark Boggett

Managing Director
Seraphim Capital


Mike Collett

Managing Partner
Promus Ventures


Jean-Jacques Dordain


Tina Ghataore_Portrait

Tina Ghataore



Pacome Revillon


Meet the Previous Finspace Winners

5th Edition - 2021

& Connectivity

“The space sector, and more specifically the satellite sector, is undergoing a revolution. We see this prize not only a a Sateliot recognition but also a sign that the satellite sector is ready for the next step forward… the raising of standard solutions lead by SATELIOT 5G NB-IoT LEO satellite constellation that will effectively connect anywhere 5G NB-IoT standard devices directly from space”

Jaume Sanpera, CEO

Satellite Imagery
& Analytics

“All of the Finspace pitches this year were of incredibly high quality and we are honoured to have been chosen by the judging panel. We see this as a win for an exciting and inspiring future for the satellite business.”

William Crowe, CEO  

4th Edition, 2020

& Connectivity

Satellite Imagery
& Analytics

3rd Edition - 2019

& Connectivity

Satellite Imagery
& Analytics

2nd Edition - 2018



Most Innovative

of the Year

Rafael Jordá Siquier
CEO of Open Cosmos

1st Edition - 2017

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Making a positive impact on the space and satellite industry, gaining access to an executive level network, and enhancing your brand are just a few of the perks of joining forces with Euroconsult’s Finspace competition.

Pooling together industry leaders and investors, by becoming a FinSpace partner you:

  • Play an active role in identifying, elevating and accelerating the growth of the sector’s early-stage startups
  • Get valuable insights into up-and-coming technologies & business ideas
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and mentorship

Connect to a world-class network of industry experts and decision-makers 

25th Anniversary

World Satellite Business Week

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