Infinite Orbits

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Infinite Orbits is a NewSpace in-orbit services company founded in 2017 and based in Toulouse (France) since 2022, designing, developing and operating servicers in geostationary orbit.

The company has demonstrated unique capabilities in designing and developing small GEO satellites tailored for in-orbit services, through its advanced patented Autonomous Navigation solution Vision Based for services relying on rendezvous capability.

Infinite Orbits' services are based on two types of servicers owned by the company:

● Orbit Guard performing our patented Rendez-Vous solution, Inspection & Space Situational Awareness, with a first satellite launched in May 2023, a second launch in Q2 2025 and an inspection mission in GEO in 2026.

● Endurance™ performing life extension services, with the 1st commercial mission scheduled for 2026.