Geoffroy Lerosey

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Co Founder & CEO/CSO



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Geoffroy is the founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of the deeptech Greenerwave.
After graduating with an engineering degree from ESPCI Paris, Geoffroy obtained a Master’s degree in electronics at Université Paris 6 and a PhD in Physics at the Université Paris 7 under the supervision of Professor Mathias Fink, member of French academy of science. He then did a post-doctorate at University of California at Berkeley, and joined academia where he spent 10 years as a CNRS researcher, working on electromagnetic wave control using new materials and algorithms. His research led to 120 publications, and more than 100 invitations to international conferences worldwide.
In 2018, Geoffroy Left academia to take over Greenerwave and develop the next generation of electronically reconfigurable antennas for Satcom, Telco and Radar applications, that use much less semi-conductors and are at the same time cost-effective and low power consumption.
Geoffroy bootstrapped the company during 5 years, growing from 1 to 60 collaborators, before raising a 15me in December 2023, in order to grow to a 100 people company that will start distribute its first electronically steerable Satcom terminal for the Ku band at the end of 2024.