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Michel Dothey is Chief Commercial Operator (CCO) of SatADSL, a pioneering organisation based in Brussels, Belgium that is disrupting the satellite industry with innovative solutions and realising the potential of satellite connectivity in the new digital economy. Michel has been a fixture at SatADSL since its inception in 2011, having previously served as CEO and Chairman of the Board in a food sector company before joining.

As CCO, Michel is well positioned to drive SatADSL's market penetration and help the company gain traction across a broad range of geographical and vertical markets and is excited to talk about these ongoing activities. This is due to his considerable 30 years of experience working in telecommunications, broadband networks, and the space industry at both the technical and managerial level.

Michel has cultivated this extensive industry expertise working with SAIT Radio-Holland, and RTBF and since his arrival at the company, has demonstrated these strengths in business development, negotiation, and strategic planning by playing a pivotal role in SatADSL’s commercial expansion. Michel is a telecom engineer equipped with the skills and experience required to show operators how they can improve profitability through SatADSL’s disruptive offerings and the defining features of their flagship platform, neXat.

neXat is a complete OSS/BSS in the cloud that acts as an intermediary platform between teleport & hub operators and the marketplace. neXat opens new markets for teleport, hub, and satellite operators to sell unused satellite capacity and offers monetizable, customised satellite services and extended hub capabilities. The platform offers classical and packaged satellite connectivity services, complete with customer management, monitoring, billing, and online payments and also facilitates the sale of teleport and hub operators’ bulk Virtual Network Operator (VNO) capacity by providing all the tools to their clients for them to manage the VNO capacity themselves. By encompassing billing, configuration, service management, data monitoring and user management, SatADSL's platform blends ease of use with adaptability. It is fast to adopt and simple to use - all with no upfront investment required.

Active in 50 countries and connected to 37 teleports and satellites, through neXat, SatADSL provide the world’s first satellite aggregation system, acting as a capacity broker connecting teleports with new customers and markets. Michel is responsible for strategic commercial planning and is extremely knowledgeable about SatADSL’s various strategic partnerships with leading satellite industry companies, including Hughes and ST Engineering iDirect (formally Newtec).
25th Anniversary

World Satellite Business Week

September 12-16, 2022
The Westin Paris – Vendôme

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