Ulrich Hermann

Job Title

Managing General Partner


Einstein Industries Ventures

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Ulrich Hermann is a prominent figure in the field of digitalization and business transformation. He currently holds the position of General Partner at Einstein Industries Ventures, based in Berlin. In addition to his role in venture capital, he is also a Professor for Digitization and Business Transformation at Allensbach University of Applied Science in Konstanz, Germany. His expertise extends to corporate governance, where he serves as a Supervisory Board member for Elunic AG in Munich.

Beyond these roles, Ulrich is actively involved in the electric vehicle industry as a member of the Board and a shareholder of Next.e.GO Mobile SE. This company is notable for its focus on manufacturing electric vehicles and promoƟng sustainable mobility solutions. His commitment to digital transformation is further evidenced by his extensive experience spanning over 15 years. This includes significant leadership roles such as being an Executive Board member and Chief Digital
Officer at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and serving as the CEO of Wolters Kluwer in Germany and Central Europe. His career reflects a deep engagement with the evolving landscape of digitalisation across various industries.