Silver Sponsors


LUXEOps consortium is a formal so-called “Société Momentanée” under Luxembourg law which has been formed for the specific purpose of best supporting the Luxembourg Directorate of Defence (LUX DoD) on the delivery, operations and maintenance of the LUXEOSys Ground Segment (LUXEOSys program was kicked-off in Q2/2018 for the space segment part and Q4/2021 for the ground segment part.) It has grouped the following four partners, i.e. four expert companies, assembling thereby their competences, expertise, concrete references, and proven experience, in one single structure: (1) RHEA System Luxembourg S.A. (RHEA LUX); (2) LUXSPACE Sàrl (LUXSPACE); (3) RHEA System S.A. (RHEA); and (4) OHB Digital Connect GmbH (OHB). LUXEOps’ national anchor and knowhow relevant to the LUXEOSys ground segment Operations and Maintenance has been reinforced by the following two companies, acting as two key subcontractors to LUXEOps: (A) HITEC Luxembourg S.A. (HITEC); and (B) LuxTrust S.A. (LUXTRUST).