Adrian Zevenbergen

Job Title

Managing Director


European Space Imaging

Speaking At


Adrian has over 30 years of expertise in the global earth observation business, developing applications for the exploration of natural resources, rapid delivery of satellite information after natural or man-made disasters and for location based services markets. Since its establishment in 2002, Adrian has been the Managing Director of European Space Imaging in Munich, Germany and in 1998 he founded Space Imaging Middle East LLC, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Prior to that he held several senior sales and management roles with pioneering imaging satellite operators such as Space Imaging, Inc and the Earth Observation Satellite Company Inc, the company selected by NOAA to move the US Government Landsat program into the private sector, a move that laid the foundation for the global commercial remote sensing industry.
25th Anniversary

World Satellite Business Week

September 12-16, 2022
The Westin Paris – Vendôme

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