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The German aerospace engineer Walter Ballheimer, born 1984, graduated 2011 from
the renowned Technical University of Berlin with distinction. During his studies, he was
already on his way to the top of the generation that would soon take space travel in Germany from the domain of tax-funded state technology to the unlimited possibilities of private-sector involvement. Thus Ballheimer participated in the Beesat program at the Technical University of Berlin three years before graduating and, with responsibility for the field of space sensor
technology, refined the payload interpretations as a scientific assistant to the internationally recognized expert Prof. Dr. Brieß, he refined the payload designs of the TUBIN and TechnoSat satellite projects and in 2013, co-led the first launch campaigns in the Beesat 2 and 3 projects in Baikonour. As early as 2014, Ballheimer founded the company "German Orbital Systems" and, as the (then only) engineer, assumed responsibility for the entire first product generation (electronics, mechanics, software). This was followed by 11 satellite projects developed and produced under his leadership, while he also served in parallel as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at sister company EXOLAUNCH.

By the time he was 34 years old, Walter Ballheimer had already launched more than 100 satellites from EXOLAUNCH customers into orbit, using launchers from space centers around the globe. Walter Ballheimer decided in 2021 to leave both meanwhile solidly established companies and to dedicate all his energy to the new challenge of NextSpaceTM from 2022 on: as CEO at Reflex Aerospace GmbH. Reflex Aerospace, besides developing its own potential as a
company pushing satellite digitization to previously unknown extremes, is also an equal member of the phalanx consisting of Reflex, ISAR AEROSPACE and Mynaric, which will make Europe independent from all other powers on Earth with the NextSpaceTMconstellation UN:IO.
25th Anniversary

World Satellite Business Week

September 12-16, 2022
The Westin Paris – Vendôme

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